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Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are charged to cover the costs of rescuing and re-homing Collies. The single major cost of rescuing and re-homing Collies is veterinary, to cover spaying and neutering and basic health care and grooming. An average spay surgery costs approximately $300, neuter $250. With few exceptions, Collies coming into rescue always need extensive grooming which can cost in excess of $50. CCR adoption fees do not fully cover the average cost of rescuing and re-homing each dog.

We have set the adoption fees to the minimum necessary to meet the needs of our Collies and finding them their forever homes. Our fee schedule is based upon the age and health care needs of the dogs in their new homes.

The adoption fee for a young, healthy adult dog is $250. This fee may be adjusted at the discretion of the adoption coordinator, based upon age, adoptability, and probable health care costs or other extenuating factors.

Adoption fees for dogs over 5 years old or any dog with health or other issues will generally be less than $250.

On the rare occasion when puppies and young dogs under 12 months of age become available, the adoption fee will be higher and comparable to the purchase price of that dog. Generally, this fee will be $300.

Our adoption fee schedule is designed so that younger and more desirable dogs help to subsidize the care of the older, less adoptable dogs for which health care is expensive and the availablity of willing adopting homes more limited.

We appreciate any donations and financial support that the adoptive homes and Collie people can offer to defray our real costs of rescuing and re-homing Collies.

All donations are tax deductible.